The R@pid Stability MAX-MLM™ Platform is designed for maximum speed, reliability, usability and security. Speed is achieved through the efficient use of PHP combined with a proprietary database schema designed specifically for high volume, real-time traffic as well as distributor compensation plan processing. At the heart of this database schema is our proprietary genealogy key that can traverse the database at high speeds and can support tens of millions of users. The platforms supported by MAX-MLM™ include Linux(RedHat), FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Microsoft 2000/2003. Databases supported include Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2000 and MySQL.

MAX-MLM™ is rich with functionality designed to support the most critical functions of the cutting edge MLM organization, including: replicating distributor web sites, secure back-office distributor functions, secure email, compensation plan support, and administrative functions. The replicating site is dynamically created with the requested ‘nickname’ at enrollment time. This web site provides a distributor an immediate web presence. Secure back office functions allow distributors to track volume and commissions, view organizations, set defaults for automatic placement, check email and a variety of other tasks directly related to the distributor’s role.

MAX-MLM™ supports both binary and hierarchical organizational trees as well as a variety of compensation plans and options including binary, unilevel, stair-step breakaway, and matrix-centric plans. Electronic commerce functions and credit card processing interfaces are included with the standard package. These functions set product point values for compensation, control discount levels for internal participant purchases and allow distributors to retail products to non-participants.

Administrative control panels and tools are provided to facilitate routine site and database maintenance. These administrative tools allow the local MIS Manager to alter the look and feel of the home pages and replicating pages. In addition, tools are provided which allow LOS administration and physical re-placement of distributors. Given the power of these tools, only selected employees will be authorized for their use. Sufficient training will be provided to ensure the ongoing integrity of the site and database.

R@pid Stability will utilize a highly disciplined, project management approach throughout all aspects of this initiative. The project will be conducted in three phases: Discovery & Analysis; Design, Build & Test; and Conversion & Parallel Testing.

Phase I
During Discovery and Analysis we will meet with our client’s management team and gather information which will allow RapidStability to fully document all current system processing, reporting, e-commerce, payment processing, enrollment, compensation, security, backup, and interface requirements. We will require access to the current site as well as documentation of all system components including: hardware, software, routers, bridges, communications, and storage. In connection with this phase, we will generate a full site map and obtain a complete database schema and we will document the current problems that should be corrected during the conversion. At the completion of this phase, we will prepare system requirements specifications for management approval.

Phase II
During the Design & Build and Unit Testing phase, we will construct a working system using the detailed system requirements documented in Phase 1. Each component and function will be unit tested. Unit testing will be followed by systems-integration testing and user-acceptance testing. In connection with this phase we will identify the required target hardware and software environment that will be needed to support the application and we will coordinate with RackSpace and other vendors as needed to initiate changes to the technical environment. All system testing will be conducted on our client’s target technical environment.

Phase III
During Conversion and Parallel Testing we will exercise all conversion programs and build a complete distributor organization including non-flushed bonus amounts. We will apply a reasonable amount of production enrollments and other volume against the system and run both the Binary and Unilevel compensation plans to confirm that all modules function in accordance with management’s expectations. We will coordinate closely with our client’s management team to select the final cutover date. Ideally, we will select end of business on a Friday to allow a full weekend for system conversion.

To assist our customers to control the rising cost of telephone-based customer service, we provide three levels of web-based customer and technical support. The objective of these functions is to provide quick, accurate, and cost effective information and support to the field organization. Static web forms are available to provide the busy distributor a means to submit a non-urgent question for resolution within 24 hours. Intelligent web forms are an effective technique for searching out an immediate answer for a pressing issue without human intervention. Real-time chat sessions connect distributors with live customer service representatives for immediate problem resolution. A fourth unprecedented level of web-based customer service based on web, co-browsing and voice over IP is planned for future release.

The MAX-MLM™ platform is engineered for the growing organization and is easily tailored to meet changing business conditions and adapt to new market opportunities. RapidStability recognizes that every organization is unique with unique products, services, participants, customers and policies. Therefore, each instance of MAX-MLM™ will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the target organization. The time and cost associated with system tailoring is directly related to the level of customization required.

Technical support will be provided to assist your organization to identify and resolve emergency and non-emergency site performance issues. Backup administration will be provided to ensure that the current site is being properly backed up for protection in case of fire, flood, or natural disaster. Security monitoring will be performed to identify patterns of unauthorized access attempts and we will initiate reasonable preemptive measures to ensure that the site is not breached.

Prior to conversion to the MAX-MLM™ Platform all efforts should be made to minimize changes to the current platform. All changes to the current platform will be approved in advance by our client’s management team based on written time and cost estimates from RapidStability. All approved changes will be simultaneously applied to the new target environment.

Immediately following the conversion, RapidStability will institute a change control process, which will ensure that all system maintenance requests are properly cataloged. Changes will be prioritized and approved based on our client’s management criteria. Formal time and cost estimates will be prepared for all major system enhancements.

Given your organization’s existing investment in computer hardware and software licenses, all efforts will be made to maximize the use of this existing equipment and software. Upon detailed examination of the current configuration, we will recommend appropriate changes and additions, which will accommodate the new system while at the same time supporting the current platform.

Following the conversion, on an ongoing basis RapidStability will closely monitor the utilization of CPUs, database, email, storage, routers, firewalls and other components of the environment and recommend appropriate upgrades to the infrastructure to support our client’s sustained growth.

Rapid Stability will coordinate directly with RackSpace or other hosting and hardware companies as directed by our clients.

Contact Richard Terrell at Rapid Stability Incorporated today to learn more about MAX-MLM™ and what it can do for your company.

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