Rapid Stability Incorporated is a software development company comprised of business experts utilizing cutting edge technology in the business sector. Our total objective is to share our know-how to enable you to have a stronger position in the marketplace. The principals at Rapid Stability have been in the business information resolution arena since 1984.

Our flagship product, the Rapid Service™ business solution provides a full service web based resolution for all of those help desk issues related to your customer communications; the system will help bring insight on product development and will automatically track customer feedback and suggestions; this concept insures continual product improvement and assures positive customer growth, all of this equating to increased revenue.

The Rapid Service™ business solution will track all of your business communications. The system will record, track, assign and manage those communications and issues throughout the entire life cycle of each matter so you and your customers have complete and rapid resolution to all issues. During the process of communicating with your customers, your knowledge base data can be searched and/or updated. An up-to-date knowledge base gives your customers better information to search and get answers which will, in turn, drive your support costs down.

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The Rapid Service™ business solution will target problematic areas and concerns presented by your customers and provide rapid resolutions that equates to better customer satisfaction and a higher level of customer retention.

The Rapid Service™ business solution is comprised of a rich and searchable knowledge base, accurate and precise electronic ticketing and extensive management reporting, all in one powerful system that streamlines and strengthens work flow while reducing customer support costs. And, finally, a system that uses your history of customer communications for insight to improve your company's ability to compete in the marketplace.

The Rapid Service™ business solution system will give management the necessary business savvy to promote your products, your business, and, all of this for just pennies each day. NO capital investment for our system, just a small monthly fee that can be offset 100 fold via increased profits, and, no long term contractual commitment.

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